Footage surfaces of brilliant John Kiely speech after winning Limerick Junior 'B' Hurling Championship

Footage has surfaced showing the man who masterminded one of Limerick’s greatest successes on the pitch delivering a rousing speech after winning a county title with Galbally in 1995.

John Kiely captained Galbally to their first championship breakthrough in 1995 as they won the Limerick Junior 'B' Hurling Championship.

Kiely’s voice beams with passion and pride as he sums up the feelings that come with winning with your parish.

“This is without doubt the proudest moment in any man's career, to captain his own club to the first ever hurling title to come back to their parish.

“This isn't just the 15 boys on the field and the subs on the sidelines, the mentors John Neill, the manager Michael McCabe, Jack Dillon, Dennis Ryan, Eddie Ryan in the background there and Tommy Sheehan, anyone that has ever been involved in hurling back along the years.

“There's been a long, long road. It's been nine years since we won our last county title. This team, which I started off in U14s back in 1986, it's definitely a fantastic moment for me.

“I don't care what Limerick jersey you wear, to win anything with your own club is better than anything. I don't care what it is.”

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Kiely touched on the hard work that goes in to any success and notes that his greatest day, up until that point came as the direct result of putting in hard yards in unforgiving conditions:

"There was one night only a fortnight ago and it did lash rain it twas a pure storm, we got covered in shit and puddle outside in the field but that's what wins championships, that's what wins county medals."