Storm clouds gathering at Old Trafford

There is a fabled story about one of Ireland's greatest ever soccer talents and an Old Trafford favorite George Best, that prompted a famous phrase appropriate in the context of the goings on at the club today.

The tale apparantly emerged on night when a waiter was delivering champagne to Best's hotel room and saw thousands of pounds of casino and race winnings along the current Miss World on the bed in the room.

The scene prompted the legendary question: "Mr Best, where did it all go wrong?"

A humourous take on one night in the life of soccer's first pop star.

But many are asking the same question today of Jose Mourinho for very different reasons.

Mourinho failed to win a major trophy at Manchester United last season, finished second in the Premier League and they opened the season going down 3-2 at Brighton.

But he retains the dreaded full backing of Manchester United's board despite Sunday's defeat at Brighton.

The result and performance has attracted widespread criticism.

Mourinho is the favourite with the bookies to be the next Premier League boss to leave his job, with suggestions that former Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane is being considered as a potential replacement.

However a United source said: "Why would we discuss Zidane when there is no job?"

There have been off season reports of behind closed doors rows over opening up the purse strings to buy new players, as Jose looks to reignite his Premier League winning magic.

This prompts another question - who'll win this row?

While most eyes have been on the back page headlines that have have blown up as a result of last weekends result, on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange this week the value of the club’s shares quietly passed the $24 mark to set a record high.

Investors who bought in when the club’s owners, the Glazer family, sold off 10 per cent of their shares in 2012 have seen the value of those double in the six years since — and that includes the five years since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club, during which United have failed to win the Premier League.

That financial performance illustrates why Ed Woodward, the executive vice-chairman of United, remains so trusted by the Glazer family, and why if the BUSINESS is performing well, Jose is likely to be the one that loses out because nowadays they're the results these corporations are more concerned about.

Watch this space!