Cristiano Ronaldo says there is no comparison between him and Mohamed Salah

Cristiano Ronaldo delivered the most Cristiano Ronaldo response when questioned about comparisons between him and Mohamed Salah.

Ronaldo proclaimed in the most diplomatic way possible that Salah was not on his level. Real Madrid look to retain the Champions League when they face Liverpool.

The 33-year-old Ronaldo is aiming to win a fifth UEFA Champions League title, he arrives in the final after scoring nine goals in his last ten games for club and country.

The Reds striker Salah netted scored eight goals in his last ten. He has been instrumental to the Reds success this season - but Ronaldo says the two cannot be compared:

“Not really,” said Ronaldo when asked if he saw any similarities between himself and Salah.

“He is completely different. He plays with the left, I play with the right. I’m tall he’s a little bit shorter, I play with the head.

“We are completely different. People want to compare me with other players but I’m different from everyone.

“Salah is different but I have to say he has had a fantastic Champions League a fantastic league season, but Saturday, let’s see.’

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Head-to-head: Cristiano Ronaldo v Mohamed Salah

  • Ronaldo has scored 50 goals for club and country in 2017/18, two more than Salah; Ronaldo has played 49 games for Real Madrid and Portugal, scoring in 31 of them, while Salah has played 55 games for Liverpool and Egypt, scoring in 37 of them.
  • Salah's tally of 32 goals is a new record for a 38-game Premier League season – extraordinary for a player who only joined the club in the summer.
  • Salah will be 25 years and 345 days old on the day of the UEFA Champions League final; at the same age (on 16 January 2011) Ronaldo had scored 23 UEFA Champions League goals – six more than Salah – but had played in 68 #UCL games, 31 more than the Egyptian.