The one and only Sting touched down in Ireland this week.

The global superstar has sold over 100 million records and has been inducted into the rock and roll Hall of Fame.

Sting joined Dermot & Dave for a chat about The Last Ship, which will be playing the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre from June 4th until June 9th, 2018.

During the chat the lads decided to give Sting the gift of a Christmas album, performed in the iconic style of Sting himself, and the singer loved it!

Hits like 'Every year my Christmas lights get tangled,' (in the style of 'Every little thing she does is magic') and 'Rudolf' instead of Roxanne got a thumbs up from the main man, which is about as big a compliment as you could wish for!

Sting also chatted about his winery and his favourite wine, 'Message In A Bottle,' revealing the next bottle to come from his vineyard will be bottles of 'Roxanne.'

Which is gas when you think of the drinking game Roxanne, where you've to take a sip of your drink when Sting sings the words Roxanne and Red Dress. 

Soon you'll be able to play the drinking game Roxanne while drinking Sting's wine Roxanne.

What a time to be alive lads.

You can listen back to the full interview here: