Did you know jerseys used to be made of wool?

This week we looked at the history and information about our county jerseys.

Journalist and owner of www.prideinthejersey.com Denis Hurley joined Neil in studio to chat about county colours, what they mean, where they originated from and loads more useful and interesting information that you may not have known about your own county jersey.

Such as:

  • Sligo wear all-black now but they were white until 2001 & had to change to black due to a colour clash against Kildare. They kept them for next game against Dublin (despite the threat of a fine for not wearing their official jerseys) and have had them since. Donegal in 1992 changed as a result of a clash too – they used to be like Kerry, green with a gold hoop.
  • The Cork jersey used to be saffron and blue with a big C on the chest, but during the Civil War the county jerseys were confiscated by the British authorities. A pile of red and white jerseeys were borrowed and that’s been the county colours ever since.

There's a lot more interesting information on the history of the jerseys here...