The full story of #PlaneSailing

AIt’s been an incredible couple of months for The Anton Savage Show. Back in March, we caught wind of a story about an undertaker in Enniscrone who was planning on bringing a Boeing 767 from Shannon to Sligo for the Quirky Glamping Village. We had no idea what would happen next.

On March 1st, Anton spoke to David for the first time. What should have been a 10 minute call escalated and we, and all of our listeners were so on board with David's story.

There was nationwide coverage from 


to the Irish Examiner...

and the Irish Independent

Over the next five weeks, we had texts nearly every day from listeners ranging from ‘what’s going on with the lad with the plane’ to ‘any word from David and his plane’.

When we next managed to pin David down, we were sailing dangerously close to his April 12th date for the planes arrival. And on the 8th of April, David took over the first hour of the show with his incredible tale of the delays and gave us a new date to aim for…May 6th.

And David gave us an insight into what we could expect from the Quirky Glamping Village which includes a coffee shop inside a GIGANTIC tea-pot.

When we next caught up with David, he was really up against it.

He had decided to take the plane to Enniscrone by the sea, but he was running into difficulty and having to learn about the engineering of the sea quickly. He had a barge but keeping a plane out of the air was proving to be difficult. But at this point, all 60 people involved were ready to go. And then he hit another snag, and he told Anton all about how he was willing to go above and beyond to get a tug for the barge. But he left the chat with Anton positive that he will deliver what he has promised by the weekend of May 6th.

David was determined not to disappoint the people who were so looking forward to seeing the plane! 

And only two days later, David had another update and it looked like the plane was ready to set sail! He’d taken the wings off the plane and was hopeful Paddy Conway wouldn’t mind there being a foot between the plane and his house! We had tonnes of people getting in touch to let us know that they were watching the MTS Stautm on marine tracking websites as it came from Southampton to Shannon and up to Enniscrone.

And David told us how he’s been looking for the nose of his jumbo jet for the last two months but with just weeks to go the nose was found in a shed (or in a pub, depending on who you’re asking) So we packed our bags, and started planning for a monster show on the 6th of May in Enniscrone! Oh and we had these lovely t-shirts made!

But the following Tuesday, David had some disappointing news. Everything had gone according to plan, he had gotten the plane out of Shannon. He had moved trees, lights and fences, but he couldn’t change the elements.

But we had a date-we were going to Enniscrone and thanks to Phil Cawley, we were bringing the show to our listeners live on Saturday May 7th. The sight of David’s boat gained coverage across the country from listeners and online. 

On Friday morning, we had texts from listeners all over the country who were coming to see The Big Yoke. They were coming from Dundalk, Dublin, Wicklow, Castletownbere from Mayo and Carlow and everywhere in between. And the main man himself spoke to us live on the show to let us know what to expect…

Even Waterford Whispers got in on the fun.


On Saturday, we were live from Enniscrone for the #PlaneSailing special, once we managed to get Anton safely back to shore. 

While the tides worked against us, there were hundreds of people dotted along the shoreline to watch The Big Yoke. 

But David has caught the imagination of people all around the country and even outside of Ireland.

Finally, in the middle of Saturday night, the Big Yoke made it to her home and on Monday morning, we heard once more from David McGowan who was exhausted but so delighted!


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