Entry closes in April!

25,000 hopefuls have already applied for next year’s Love Island.

The 2019 online application form reads: “How do you fancy enjoying your very own long hot summer of romance?

85,000 hopeful contestants applied to appear on ITV's reality TV show this year alone.

That's compared to 36,000 who applied to study at Oxbridge!

Winning doesn’t matter in Love Island, if you’re liked by the public then you’re going to be able to make some serious money on the outside.

Doing personal appearances in nightclubs can earn them up to £5,000 a go, and if you’re doing four a week then it’s easy money.

Paid Instagram posts and advertising products is also an easy way to bank cash.

The bottom line is; you have to look a certain way, and have a certain mentality in many respects… for example:


Leonardo di Caprio and Al Pacino are working on a film together at the moment – a Quentin Tarantino flick called Once Upon A Time In Hollywood which is due for release next summer. But Leo (who is 43) is probably not sharing too much about his love life with Al (who is 78), because Leo is dating Camila Morrone (21) and Al Pacino is dating… her mother Lucila Sola (42).


Brendan O'Connor has a new TV show. It's a three-part interview series based on "one-to-one interviews with high profile people who have lived full lives".

Interviewees include Majella O’Donnell, Michael Harding and Chic frontman Nile Rodgers.

He is currently filming for the upcoming show, which will officially air on RTÉ One on August 17.