The good, the bad and the bonkers

The Met Gala saw a night of surprises from some of the biggest names in showbiz last night.

The fundraiser in New York had a religious theme this year - with Rihanna turning up in an outfit inspired by the pope. Imagine the Pope, dressed up for a disco.

If Rihanna won for the girls, then Chadwick Boseman definitely won Best Dressed for the guys - in a sea of boring suits and regular pants-and-shirts, he stood out with this little rig-out: 

Amal and George Clooney played it safe:

Nicky Minaj used the occasion to announce a new album - it's called Queen and will be out next month. 

Kim Kardashian dressed like a Golden Chalice – shimmery, gold and covered in crosses. 

Janelle Monae arrived dressed as a... Catholic disco bee-keeper?


Madonna sported a regal black Jean Paul Gaultier gown, which she paired with a black net veil held in place by a crown of jeweled crosses, blonde plaits, and multiple rosaries, and she performed a rendition of Like A Prayer with a load of monks. Apt.





And in other news from around the world:

Drama  in the Chuckle household! Barry and Paul Elliot (their last name isn’t really Chuckle, you know) apparently don’t get on as well as they used to and are only doing a TV comeback for the money. This is reported in the Irish Sun today, and they claim that the lads have separate dressing rooms and hotel rooms. They’re in their 70s at this point – who on earth wants to share a room with their siblings in their 70s? After the age of 5, that novelty wears off, surely.


Aidan Turner AKA Poldark isn’t just good at being topless and scything the fields (do you scythe fields?) – he apparently is a decent dancer too and there are whispers of him joining Strictly Come Dancing.

If he doesn’t get the James Bond role he would love to bag, he will be looking for new projects – and Strictly could be an option. Coleen Rooney is another name being bandied about as a possibility for Strictly