Ariana hit back at Piers over his comments about Little Mix.

Piers Morgan is no stranger to a Twitter feud. His controversial comments often land him in hot water and this time it's no different. This week's target was Little Mix. During Good Morning Britain, Piers criticized a Little Mix's photo shoot saying they were using their bodies to sell records. 

The photo was released to promote their new single Strip, which promotes body positivity and teaches women to love themselves just as they are. The image in question saw the four girls posing naked with insults written all over their bodies.

Piers had an issue with the photo saying it had nothing to do with feminism and was just a money making ploy by the group. Little Mix retaliated in a BBC Radio 1 interview and it seems the majority of people out there are on their side, one of which is none other than Ariana Grande.

In a series of tweets posted last night the singer went off on Piers Morgan and showed her support for the Little Mix girls.

When it comes to Piers Morgan taking on the biggest popstar in the world, we're pretty sure we know who came out on top of this Twitter spat.