With a brand new Irish host!

An Irish comedian is set to host the reboot of Blockbusters.

The TV game show, which originally ran from 1983 to 1993, will return to Comedy Central with our very own Dara O'Briain at the helm.

The host will be in charge of 30 episodes which will air next year.

Comedy Central say the reboot will remain true to the original format:

"Blockbusters is an iconic show that a lot of people hold close to their hearts,” said Louise Holmes from the TV network.

“Dara O Briain, is the perfect quizmaster for the comedy reboot of this nostalgic show".

Dara added that he's "delighted to take over this classic quiz-show"

"However, I will not be laughing at contestants saying 'I’d like a P please, Dara', just as I haven’t laughed at the planet 'Uranus' in 10 years of StargazingLive. See, I can do serious.”

If you say so Dara...