Some groundbreaking revelations in here.

Let's be honest, a few years ago we all went blogger mad. Social Influencers were all anyone could talk about. It seems to have calmed down in recent months, but don't be fooled - bloggers are still out there. 

Enter Zoe Sugg, a Youtuber from the UK who goes under the name Zoella online. With 1.2 million Instagram followers and nearly 5 million subscribers on Youtube, she's managed to turn her hobby into her career and her net worth is now over £2 million. Credit where credit is due. 

But we can't say we're on board with her latest project: a self-help book. Zoella's Cordially Invited was launched in the past few weeks and we're baffled by it.

The book is marketed as "a seasonal guide to hosting any occasion and making a memory out of every day" - but honestly it's just a bizarre collection of DIY "tips". 

Some of the more bizarre "advice" in the book is on how to make a sandwich:

"When ready to assemble your sandwiches, lay your bread out on your work surface and butter each slice,” she writes.

She also gives some innovative advice on how to go for a walk, suggesting you wear a coat in winter and bring an umbrella in spring...