We want to hear them all!!

Just over a week left until Cupid comes firing his arrows all over the place, but he won't be the only one spreading the love.

We here at the Breakfast Show embrace all the Saints and public holidays with open arms, and Valentine's Day always has a special place in our hearts. 

To give the 14th of February an extra touch of that fuzzy feeling, we've invited the amazing talent that is Brian Deady to come join us in studio and do a beautifully unique take of one of three songs. 

The Cork man's voice is what we imagine the God of desire's to sound like, so we cannot wait to see which one of these YOU choose. That's right, we are putting it to a public vote to determine which one he performs live in studio. 

Imagine him doing a deep, soulful version of this Cyndi Lauper ballad?

Maybe you'd prefer to hear Brian call to say he loves you?

Or what about this Bill Wither's track getting some gospel treatment?

Three gorgeous songs guaranteed to make butterflies appear in your tummy, but which cover do YOU want most? You can WhatsApp us on 087-4100-102 or mail us on breakfast@todayfm.com

That's not all though, as the Cork man will also be performing his latest track Eloise live in studio, and we cannot wait!

I'm getting ready to Clap Both My Hands regardless of what song is chosen, even though I've already picked out my favourite. 

Here's a little something to fuel the passion...

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