They met in Edinburgh in September

Can you help us find #famousseamus ??

Ireland and Sweden have had many's a connection over the years - both countries have a flair for the Eurovision, we love our fishing, have a load of lakes and we're two very good looking races (if I may say so myself). But now, there's another link via Tipperary and Scotland. 

Yesterday, The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show got this email from 'Catarina in Sweden': 

'Good morning Ian! 

I don’t know if you do these things but if you do I’d be very happy.

I met such a fun guy, Seamus from Nenagh, in Edinburgh early September, he was there on a stag. We didn’t get much time to talk and I regret not letting him walk me back to the hotel. If he listens to Today FM I don’t know but it’s the only thing I can come up with to make some attempt to let him know I think we should meet up at some stage again. Just for the laugh, he does not need to worry, I’m not gonna chain him down.

Me and my friend met Seamus and his friends in Biddy Mulligans in Edinburgh, after that five of us went to Sneaky Petes. We had a good talk but I wish it had lasted longer. He was flying home the following day for golfing so we couldn’t meet up again. I didn’t think of changing numbers at the time. Seamus is 27 years old and I’m not sure what he works with, could be farming. I know some of his friends are farmers

So if he hears this and contacts you, can you please give him my number?

Many thanks from Catarina in Sweden'

Right, so let's refresh - he's called Séamus, he's 27, from Nenagh, plays golf, was on a stag in Edinburgh in early September and is obviously a very special lad. 

With such a distinctive profile, surely we can help a Swedish sister out?? 

So c'mon Ireland (especially you's lot in the the Premier county), let's make this happen!!

If you have any crumbs of information that can lead us to Séamus, email us on or else text/WhatsApp us on 087 4100 102.

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