And other showbiz

Caroline Flack is stepping out with Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother contestant Andrew Brady. Their romance was spotted on social media. Of course it was!

SHE shared a photo of a tub of Ben & Jerry's Non-Diary ice cream flavour Chunky Monkey on Monday.

At the same time, Andrew shared a photo of his vegan spaghetti bolognaise - which appeared to be taken in the same room.

He also posted a picture of ice cream - although he chose Peanut Butter, also non-dairy. What are the odds that they’d BOTH have manky non-dairy ice-cream AND a vegan bolognaise in a room with the same decor?


Saoirse Ronan’s dad is due to join the cast of Fair City as a character called Anto Collins. Paul has already filmed his first scenes in Carrigstown and the ­Collins family are tipped to become a permanent fixture on the show in the coming months. You can see him in early March.


Jay Z left an 11K tip in a bar... the stingy git! Well that’s what some people in America are saying. He spent 90K on fancy drinks for him and his pals, and an 11K tip would work out at  just over 12%... and in the US 15-20% is the norm. 11K as a tip... 11 grand!!


Did Ed Sheeran run off and get married in secret? (good man if he did, but probably not). He has been photographed playing guitar with what looks like a wedding ring on his ring finger. However – he has often worn a ring on that finger, and as he says himself here on ET Canada – it’s not something he really thinks about. It’s just a ring. So we can all CHILL OUT!