'Sombra' has helped intercept almost 10 tonnes of cocaine, worth a street value of $500 million

'The Urabenos' are one of the South American country's most dangerous drug gangs, and after some super sniffing by police dog Sombra (which is Spanish for "Shadow"), they want him dead.

The hyper-sensitive German Shepherd has been a thorn in the side of various criminals over the past few years, but she now has to be relocated for her own safety. 

The 6-year-old pooch previously worked along Colombia's Atlantic coastline, in a town called Turbo, where she made some serious busts.

She will now be transferred to El Dorado airport in the country's capital Bogotá, which contains a higher level of security, in the hope of keeping her safe.

Dairo Antonio Úsuga, who is the notorious leader of The Urabenos, has previously handed out leaflets offering people $500 to murder policemen in the region - so the $70k hit on Sombra proves he's not messing about. 

"Who's a good girl?", Sombra - that's who.