It's tough being a celebrity (so I hear) - your every move documented and the spats that a regular Jo Soap like you or I would have being brought out into the open for the whole world to be part of.

Of course, it doesn't help when you're the one posting the stuff online in the first place - which is exactly what happened these two ladies.

It's hard to pinpoint the precise root of their six year falling-out (most likely boys and business), but thankfully Katy kissed and made up with a girl (Taylor), and she liked it. 

Katy's recent olive branch seems to have done the trick and in one of the greatest u-turn's in pop history, a close US source of thedailystar.co.uk has said "a collaboration between the two of them has been suggested and it's not being ruled out"

It would be an amazing piece of marketing that would have dollar signs in their PR company's eyes. 

All Katy has to do is let out a Roar and let Taylor Shake It Off

You heard it here first! 

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