I give to you - the 'Donug'

No, you're not hallucinating - the Donug is here!! 

Get outta the way cronut (sooooo 2013), there's a new Lord of the Rings in town, and it's got 'global phenomenon' written all over it.

So what is it exactly? If you're worried about it being a chicken flavoured dough (yuck), then don't. The donug is a doughnut-shaped piece of free-range chicken that is coated in cornflakes and panko breadcrumbs, deep fried until it's a juicy piece of crispy perfection. 

"There's nothing sweet about it. All savoury. 98% chicken that has our own unique and top-secret spice mix"


And as if that's not mouth-watering enough, there are x3 sauces available to act as the 'icing' - cheesy Dijon bechamel, golden Japanese curry mozzarella or hot chilli. Good God!

This millennial masterpiece is the brainchild of Scotsman Crag Carrick. Crag lives in Melbourne, Australia and created the hybrid with the help of his wife. They then received a £56,000 investment on the Aussie Dragon's Den-styled show, Shark Tank, which got the project off the ground. 

They're selling for £5 a pop, but only cost £1 to make. I'm no mathematician but Cha-Ching.

Unfortunately, donugs are only available in Melbourne for now, but Crag plans to export them to the four corners of the world. 

We're ready Crag *googles where he can buy shares in the business*

It also solves the age-old riddle, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" - to get to the donug store obviously.

So what d'ya think? Would you devour a donug? Tag your chicken-loving friends - they'll owe you one.