And other showbiz

Dame Judi Dench is off to the races as she is going to have a horse racing in the Grand National! She has entered As De Mee for the famous event at Aintree in April. 
She owns the seven-year-old animal with a businessman.


Helen George responded to a Twitter troll who made a comment about her at the weekend. On Sunday, her character Trixie Franklin, announced that she was taking leave due to her addiction.

The storyline coincided with her own pregnancy – she had a little baby girl called Wren Ivy in September.

Super Troll and all-round terrible human, Andre Fernandez took to social media to say that George looked "massive" and that she "should be put on a diet."

Her response was:


Noel Gallagher is so not down with the kids. In fact, he’s annoyed at the slang being used by his own son, who has decided to answer the phone with “sup”? He says, I’m off earning money to pay for his education and he can’t even say hello properly. Quite.

Maybe he found the Budweiser ad on YouTube?