Surprise Surprise!

Dani and Jack have won Love Island!
They beat the remaining contestants Laura and Paul who came second, followed by Kaz and Josh, and Megan and Wes.
Apart from the fame, the couple also take home 50-thousand pounds sterling, and experts predict that their earnings together in the next year could exceed a million pounds.
Now, they’re off to house hunt and to join the Do Bits Society (bleugh)


Battle of Cheryl’s exes: Round 2

Not so much a battle, as Liam Payne making a fool of himself (again.) Apparently, he was in the same club in Monaco as Cheryl’s ex-husband Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini and started on him (again.)

This comes just weeks after Liam threatened to fight him at a restaurant in London. On both occasions, Jean Bernard offered to leave the venue because it’s so embarrassing, saying; “‘I’m 35 years old, he’s a 20-year-old kid. I don’t want to fight this kid in Monaco – it’s supposed to be a smart place. He’s a kid – he needs a hug, not a punch!”


It's Vogue's biggest and most influential edition, so important it has its own documentary, The September Issue.

Anna Wintour has relinquished control over what is always the year's most talked about magazine cover – and she has put Beyonce in charge.

(The reason why the September issue is so important is because it is considered to be the time when the seasons change and we make the shift from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter. Women view September as the time to change and the time to re-invent themselves)