Broadening his acting skills!

Daniel O'Donnell will be showing off his acting skills next month as a guest star in TG4 soap Ros na Rún.

We’ve all seen him on the gas ads (as in - Gas Networks Ireland, and I suppose they're pretty gas as well.)

He again will play himself on TG4, appearing on the show on Thursday May 3 at 8:30pm when Vince asks him to open his new Siopa XL.

Bobbi Lee is keen on showing off her singing skills; Máire wants Daniel to stay in her B&B and Tadhg invites him for a drink in the pub. WHAT WILL HE DO?!

Daniel isn’t the first person to guest star on TG4 - Nathan Carter, Stephen Fry and Francis Brennan have all made cameos on Ros na Rún


And in other news from around the world:

Saoirse Ronan is tipped for Oscar success... again! Could it be fourth time lucky? Her upcoming biopic Mary Queen of Scots has been rescheduled for release riiiight before awards season, so they’ve pushed it back a month from November to December. The first weekend of December is prime time for the release of films hoping to be considered for Oscars. Good timing guys, well played.


As we all know, Prince wrote Sinead O’Connor’s biggest hit song, Nothing Compares To You.

Now, Prince’s own version of the song is set to be released. He recorded it in 1984, and it has been rediscovered in his vault of music.

Stick on your headphones, and enjoy: