And other showbiz

Danny Dyer has launched a new Love Island... for penguins. Chessington World of Adventures is screening a 4-part series at the start of penguin mating season and he has loaned his voice to an episode.

They are seen coupling up with new mates, just like his daughter Dani in the Love Island villa in Majorca. It might sound like a p*ss-take, but have a listen - identical!


The Beckhams have made sure they are in all the papers today putting on a united front amid rumours of divorce last week. Last week, bookies suspended bets for announcing their divorce and the gossip went into overdrive - but it looks like that’s not happening any time soon. They are PR masters and the photo in the papers today are of David with a hand lovingly on Victoria’s shoulder with her hand on top, taken at a London fashion event yesterday.

Maybe they are truly in love! Or maybe Brand Beckham can’t afford to split and there’s an arrangement in place? They run an empire that would be a massive loss to both careers. Or maybe they really are in love and still together. Maybe. 



Ronan Keating has spoken, and he says that Simon Cowell needs to give up on the TV talent shows. Listen up Simon Cowell, Ro has spoken!

He said people are fed up of judged sitting up on their pedestals, telling people what they should and shouldn’t do. However, don’t worry Simon Cowell, Ronan says that it just needs a rest, that’s all. That’s nice of him, given he himself has sat up on that pedestal on shows and told people what they should or shouldn’t do.