The BBC want to "inject fun" into factual programming

Some of you will know Danny Dyer from his role as Mick Carter in Eastenders, others, as hooligan Tommy Johnson from the 2004 classic movie The Football Factory. Regardless of how you recognise his face, it's common knowledge that he's a proper geeza who's hard as nails - but a history buff? That we weren't aware of. 

It has been revealed that the actor is set to host his own BBC history show in an effort to “inject fun” into factual programming. 

It's called Danny Dyer's Right Royal Family and sounds like a right sort!

The BBC want to create "event TV" in an attempt to battle the rise of streaming rivals such as Netflix.

During the series he will look back through 800 years of history by living in the style of some of his forebears. He will be seen eating sheep’s tongue as the Vikings did, donning a ruff for an Elizabethan banquet and learning how to hunt.

This will tie in nicely with last year's revelation on Who Do You Think You Are?, where Danny discovered he was a direct descendant from King Edward III:

We'll just call him 'King Danny' from here on in. 

As his character 'Moff' from Human Traffic put it so eloquently, "Nice one bruva"...