And other showbiz

Ed Sheeran has been named the highest-earning solo musician in the world having raked in 94 million euro over the past year. IN ONE YEAR!

According to the Forbes Celebrity 100 list which was released yesterday, Sheeran is the ninth biggest earner in entertainment from June 2017 to June 2018. This is a massive 62 place jump.


Drew Barrymore has swiped left on dating sites. She has tried apps to find love but has given that up, even though she had fun trying. She isn’t anonymous though, so the fun was short lived and now she is focusing on showing her 2 daughters that women don’t need men to survive.


Katy Perry has returned to Christianity.

Katy's strict Christian parents were worried they had lost their daughter to the 'devil's playground' of rock music. However, she has returned into their Christian fold after meeting the Pope. She, along with boyfriend Orlando Bloom and her mother, met Pope Francis in the Vatican and Katy Perry said; 'I'm such a big fan of Pope Francis. It's a combination of compassion, humility, sternness and refusal. He is a rebel - a rebel for Jesus.'