Nature called... he answered.

Ed Sheeran has been gigging since he was 14 and he’s never had to stop the show for a wee... til this weekend. He wasg gigging in Cardiff and he stopped twice in the one show to go and tinkle. He said he had been drinking so much water, it was just going through him and he had no choice.


The Selfie is OVER, according to Kim Kardashian, the woman who took so many selfies she filled an entire book and sold it.

She says she would rather be present in life than living it through her phone... although a few hours ago, she was tweeting from the cinema and someone told her to get off her phone (to which she replied “it’s my home theatre, I can have my phone!”) – notions!


Pierce Brosnan has endorsed Tom Hardy as the next James Bond, saying that he could put “a bit of wiggle” into the role.

Daniel Craig is playing Bond one last time, due for release in October 2019, and then the next Bond will have to be chosen.

Tom Hardy as Bond is the stuff of dreams.