Get some nuts!!! #ShowbizStew

It's true what they say, "You're not you when you're hungry", and Sir Elton John proves it in the hilarious new advert for Snickers. 

When Compton-born (w)rapper Boogie (who's an upcoming artist with a hotly tipped 'one-to-watch' label) is involved in a rap battle at a house party, he has obviously skipped a meal and turns into his 'hungry' alter ego, Elton. Have a look:

Sir Elton is super in-tune with the modern hip-hop scene and it is reported he took a very hands-on in casting for the advert. He and director Andreas Nilsson went through a number of rappers before choosing Boogie. High praise indeed!

R.I.P Marie Severin - a real Wonder Woman

All comic book fans, and most Marvel/DC enthusiasts, will recognise the names Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. But what about comic book artist Marie Severin?

Yesterday, Marie Severin's longtime friend Irene Vartanoff announced that the comic book legend died of a stroke at age 89. Fellow comic book creators tweeted tributes in honor of her legacy.

A prolific artist and colorist for Marvel and DC Comics, Severin had an impressive career that spanned decades, but only avid collectors and comic book historians know about her extensive, foundational work in comics.

Severin began as a colorist at EC Comics in 1949 and continued her work as the head colorist - branching out into illustration and penciling - at Marvel Comics in the 1950s.

Most notably in 1976, Severin co-created the superhero Spider-Woman, designing her original costume, with Stan Lee.

Without Marie's incredible work there may not be some of the huge Superhero movies of today. What a lady!

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