See: Madonna and Tupac

Madonna has lost her battle to block the sale of a break up letter Tupac sent her. Can’t really blame her, that is so embarrassing. AND what’s worse, it’s her former friend who has the letter and now stands to make money from it by putting it up for auction.

The letter says that his image would suffer by dating a white woman. And you thought your break-up was sour...


And in other news:

Can’t Cope Won’t Cope returned to TV screens on Monday to disappointing ratings of 86K. I had been waiting for series 2 for so long and I wasn’t disappointed. I loved it and I can’t wait to see what happens next. A spokesperson for RTE says that series 1 did really well on catch-up over the week after it aired, and I reckon they’ll clock up more views that way. I only watched series 1 when it came to Netflix and I ended up watching it 3 times, I loved it so much. It’s brilliant, watch it!


Sam Smith has gone teetotal and intends to give up alcohol for good. He is 25 and said that he felt it was kind of ruining his life. He says that instead of boozing, he is staying in and reading “like a proper granny.” You can hear the whole thing on George Ezra’s podcast (which if you haven’t heard yet, is brilliant).