"Over 30? Single? Looking for love? Men of Ireland, we want to find your perfect match."

The wheels are in motion for the fourth series of the addictive reality dating show but there is that one missing ingredient. 

After three incredible seasons on RTÉ2 the production team has found male applicants the hardest to recruit. C'mon boys - there's a hopeless romantic in all of us.

So if you're over 30, a bitta craic, and you're looking to have some fun with a mystery date, simply head over to www.cocotelevision.ie/firstdates

Who knows? You could be a household name this time next year, or maybe off in Bali on your honeymoon. Nothing ventured, nothing gained lads.

In other news...

Corrie's Ken Barlow Finds Peace On The Bog

I know we've had a savage spell of weather over the past few weeks, but that doesn't mean Ken has been footing turf in the bog.

Bill Roache (the 86-year-old who plays Ken Barlow in Coronation Street) has revealed that he meditates on the toilet.

The veteran actor says, "You find a place in your home where you won't be bothered - it might be the loo. If it's the loo, sit there and balance your breathing".

He listens to the sound of the waves and imagines them ebbing and flowing - in with the good and out with the bad, and all that jazz.

It works so well that he reckons he could do it for 3 hours straight. 3 hours?? On the throne?? There'd be a serious case of pins and needles in the legs after that. 

Here's 4 hrs of waves - just in case:

And Spandau Ballet Are Hoping To Strike Gold With A New 30-Year-Old Singer

The group have been missing a member since Tony Hadley's decision to leave last year and have now replaced him with a singer half his age.

West End Star, and Elvis Impersonator, Ross William Wild has been drafted in after he worked with band member Martin Kemp in Million Dollar Quartet. 

Here he is doing his thing:

Ross will be formally announced at a gig to launch their 'new chapter' called 'The Next Line'. He will join them on live dates later this year. 

Some young blood will help freshen things us and win over a new demographic of fans. Not a bad move at all lads.

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