This is an absolute tragedy.

The second you sit into a brand new car, your sense are ensnared by a glorious scent. The smell of the untouched leather is spine tingling and if you're lucky you can knock a few months out of it. People love it so much you can even buy New Car scented air fresheners. 

Well it turns out not everybody feels the same about the glorious scent.

Ford have begun the process of patenting a new odor-removal process which would see the famous smell removed from their new cars.

The moves comes after research has shown car buyers in China, the largest car market in the world, are put off by the scent.

They even went as far as to say they place unpleasant smells ahead of engine performance or safety as their top reason for not buying a new car.

Ford employ a team of smell testers that help eliminate any smells that may deter Chinese buyers. 

If the patent is granted, its unclear whether or not the process will be rolled out on all Ford cars or just be confined to those being sold in China.