Did someone say bromance?

So as you may or may not know (you definitely know), the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau *fans oneself* is on a three-day visit to Ireland and he has caused quite a stir. Between the battle of the socks, handling a hurl, and that infamous run in Phoenix Park, the people of Ireland have taken to him like maple syrup smothered pancakes.

We've known of Mr. Varadkar's admiration for Justin's leadership skills for a while now, but their meeting face-to-face has created a chemistry - a connection that poor ole Paschal Donohoe wants in on. The Minister for Finance isn't the only one longing for that bond though, as he makes Joan moan and fills Michael D with glee.

Could we see the dawn of a boyband? Louis seems to think so and they want it that way...

Thankfully the geniuses at Gift Grub had some strategically placed mics throughout the whole endeavour.

Have a listen in full here:

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