Well, wonder no more.

Have you ever wondered where Rebecca Black went? Who is Rebecca Black, I hear you ask? Well, cast yizzer minds back to this bangin’ tune from 7 years ago:

She is now on an American talent show called Fox's The Four: Battle for Stardom. Rebecca, now 20, has detailed her love of music and her momentous rise to fame after Friday was released.

At the time, Rebecca said it was a fun, creative project but after it went online, it 'blew up in the blink of an eye,' leaving her open to negative comments.

The format of Battle For Stardom seems to be like the 6-chair challenge in X Factor where you boot someone off their seat to take a place.

Unfortunately, Rebecca didn't make it through to earn a seat on the show but she's grateful for the opportunity to show the world how much she has changed. And she can sing: