His pal Russell Crowe told him not to do it.

It's fair to say Hugh Jackman is a fairly accomplished actor. Wolverine, Jean Valjean and most recently P.T. Barnum - he's played some pretty iconic roles. But it seems he made a serious career faux pas a few years ago. 

Apparently he could have been none other than James Bond. 

He said recently that he was approached about playing the part of 007 a few years back and was considering taking on the role. That was until he spoke to his friend Russell Crowe about it. 

Russell reportedly told him to think long and hard about whether he wanted to spend all his time playing Wolverine and Bond.

It obviously had an impact on him as he ended up turning down the role. However, he did admit that when he went to see Casino Royale with Daniel Craig at the helm, he realised he'd made a mistake. 

While we think Hugh would have made a good Bond, there's no denying the fact that Daniel Craig mastered the sexy beach scene a little better...