Showbiz by Shauna

Since they worked together back in 1995, there’s been no love lost between two of Hollywood’s leading men - Robert Downey Jr and Hugh Grant and neither of them were behind the door in talking about their spat. But upon seeing comments that Hugh had made in a recent interview, Robert Downey Jr extended the white flag tweeting that ‘A lot has happened in two decades so let’s #BuryTheHatchet2018 to which Hugh responded this morning – ‘Thanks – nice way to kick off the year. If you’re in London, come by and break bread. #BuryTheHatchet2018. Good lads.

The Eric Clapton documentary ‘Life in 12 Bars’ is out today and follows the performer’s highs and lows throughout his long career. From his 18 Grammy wins and 130 million record sales to his renowned bad behaviour– drug and alcohol abuse, womanising and infidelity. If this sounds like it's up your street, it's in Irish cinemas today 

We all know how good Liam and Noel Gallagher are in interviews – they give soundbite after soundbite. But Noel reckons it’s all down to his upbringing. He says that being raised in an Irish family means that they are quite gobby and interviews are no hassle to them.

 And finally, Ardal O' Hanlon revealed he had to wear a wig for the second series of Father Ted after getting a haircut for his wedding. Producers had a “look of horror” when he returned from his nuptials to wife Melanie looking unrecognisable as Dougal. Apparently, it was really short so they had to manufacture a wig to cover up to atrocity.