It's official.

Jamie Dornan has been voted the most shiftable film star in a poll taken by NOW TV. 32% of people want to lob the gob onto he who plays Christian Grey. Emma Watson was the most shiftable female.

This same poll says that one quarter of Irish adults have a free pass agreement whereby they could smooch their favourite famous face, should the opportunity every arise.


Noel Edmonds claims that trees can talk to each other 50 miles apart. He says that in Africa, bushes turn toxic when giraffes eat them and they communicate to tell their tree pals. Apparently there’s a very well known bush in Zimbabwe which giraffes like to eat, and so it turns itself toxic and sends messages of warning to all the other bushes in the area. He also believe illnesses come from negative energy and that’s why he only drinks positive water from mountains.


Paul McCartney loves Hollyoaks as much as Shauna O’Reilly, and that is a lot. We know this because Ed Sheeran has told George Ezra on his podcast that when he was starting out as an artiste, he would have played anywhere to get his music out there – even having a cameo in Hollyoaks. When he (Ed) met Paul McCartney for this first time, Sir Paul said “oh yeah, I saw you on Hollyoaks!”

The podcast is on iTunes and it’s really good!