No Facebook announcement 'round here!

Justin Timberlake stopped a show in Detroit to help a fan announce her pregnancy to her loved ones.

He noticed a fan at the front of the crowd holding a sign which read, ''Will you help me announce my pregnancy to my family?''.

He then proceeded to read out the sign to the cheers of the audience and later toasted to the impending arrival.

No Facebook announcement for her!


A planned Boyzone reunion to mark their 25th anniversary is in serious doubt - because the four lads can’t agree on dates. Ronan Keating & co had hoped to release a new record and play a series of concerts but their ‘other commitments’ have proved to put a spanner in the works. -


The key to becoming a great rapper isn’t what you say – it’s how you say it. Jay-Z has said that once you have the voice you can say anything you want – Snoop Dogg could read the phonebook and sound great. Fo’ shizzle my dizzle.