Don't expect Leonardo DiCaprio and Ronan Keating to work together anytime soon.

Leo reckons Ronan doesn't have an acting bone in his body.

The Boyzone singer auditioned for a role in the 2001 musical film Moulin Rouge. He told an Australian news website that he was flown out to New York to audition for the Oscar-nominated movie alongside DiCaprio and Ewan McGregor

The role was eventually given to McGrgeor but years later, Ronan says he was playing a game of cards with Leo - who told him he couldn't act.

"I met Leo not long ago and we were chatting, we were actually in Sydney playing cards, and I said, 'Man, what about … Moulin Rouge? Fuck me, I couldn’t act!'" explains Ronan.

"He said, ‘Hey Ronan, you couldn’t act, and I couldn’t f*cking sing for sh*t!”’