Bafta-winning actor Mackenzie Crook has landed the lead role in the BBC's remake of children's TV favourite, Worzel Gummidge. Mackenzie is most famously known for his role as 'Gareth Keenan' in The Office.

Well I say "favourite", but it used to actually scare the living daylights out of me as a kid. 

For anyone who isn't familiar with the show, which last aired in 1987, it featured a scarecrow called Worzel (played by Jon Pertwee) who had interchangeable heads and was a bit of a messer. 

A source said: "Mackenzie has been working on this for some time. He's written most of it and pitched it to the BBC who are now officially on-board". 

It might be on our screens as soon as early 2019 and I can't wait to see what Mackenzie does with the eerie character, and how the youngsters of today react *big evil laugh*

Red Rock fan think series is real...

We had a good laugh about this on this morning's show; the story where Red Rock star Barry O'Connor (who plays Tom Callaghan - a drug taking, murderous, corrupt politician) was confronted by a lady in Tallaght.

Tom was out and about with a pal of his, when the woman approached him and said "You're an awful b*****d for what you're doing". She hadn't introduced herself, or explained that it was the character she was on about, so he and his friend were stumped.

He had to explain how it was all part of the role and that he's actually a loving family man to his wife and three kids. 

This is what happens when you're too good at acting I suppose #SoapSerious

Peter Kay is alive and kicking...

The Bolton comedian wowed lucky attendees of a charity Car Share screening on Saturday night, by making a surprise appearance at the event.

It was his first outing since cancelling his live tour last year due to 'unforeseen circumstances', which led to that bizarre frenzy of death speculations online, and his fans went crazy.

He was well and truly alive as he made the 3,000 or so audience roll around laughing and even caused a bit of controversy with some Jimmy Saville references. 

The final screening of his Car Share award-winning show aired the season finale, to which he asked people not to tell anyone else. It also showed an entirely improvised episode. 

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