We'll find out later!

Meghan Markle might be up for an Emmy Award, and we’ll find out whether she is or not later on today when nominations are announced.

Votes have been cast and if she gets enough, Meghan could make the shortlist of six for Best Supporting Actress in Suits.

It’s a long-shot for her to be nominated but think of the publicity...


There is a new face on Xposé and it belongs to Nadine Reid who is not only flying the flag for the curvier lady, she’s hoping to find love in the process! She’s originally from the UK but lives in Ireland now and she’s been in magazines over the past couple of years promoting body positivity.


The cast of Four Weddings and A Funeral have had a reunion where they discussed making a sequel – with Richard Curtis! It’s one of the highest grossing British films ever, and 24 years on, where could it possibly go? Unfortunately, at the end of the meeting, they were no closer to a sequel but the seed has been planted!