Showbiz by Shauna

Nadine Coyle has revealed that she’s set to star in the second series of Channel 4’s Derry Girls. She’s been in touch with the creator Lisa McGee and they are working on something for the next series. She says that the school featured in the show is actually based on the school she attended so she has loads of similar experiences. It also came out that one of the show’s stars Nicola Coughlan who plays Clare Devlin studied Youtube clips of Nadine to perfect her Derry accent so, it’s come full circle! 

Adele could be taking up a residency in Las Vegas. She recently jetted off to Vegas on a bit of a reccy. Caesers Palace have made her an offer off £500,000 a night to take over from Elton John and she went over to have a bit of a chat with Celine Dion to talk to her about her own residency, about living in Vegas, the mechanics of it etc.

Apparently Posh and Becks are having a  bit of trouble at the moment. He will be moving to Miami to launch a football team there and she feels that this is a selfish decision that will mean a lot less time with herself and their kids. It’s believed he’ll be there permanently until the soccer team that he’s developing launches in 2020.

 And Kim Kardashian is at war with Lindsay Lohan! It’s all very passive aggressive and in the guise of snide comments on Instagram. Kimmie went a bit mad over the last few days, posting a series of pictures on Instagram in various states of undress and  Lohan commented underneath one ‘I am confused?’. Kimmie hit straight back with ‘What’s more confusing is your sudden foreign accent. Ouch.