That's a lot of streams!

Niall Horan has joined the exclusive club of Irish superstars who have hit more than a billion streams on Spotify. He is the 4th most streamed Irish artist of all time (with a global ranking of 32.)

Hozier is number 1! The Script are second... and U2 are third.


And in other showbiz:


Cher has recounted how she and Meryl Streep rescued a woman from a sexual assault in New York back in 1983, on James Corden’s chat show.

They were walking down the street and saw a man attack a girl and Cher said they both started screaming and they ran towards this gigantic man. He then ran away and they went to the girl who was frightened and clutching her bag. She then had the second (much nicer) shock of the day when she realised who it was.

Cher will be on Graham Norton tomorrow night!