And other showbiz!

Niall Horan has pleaded to fans going to his gigs not to get too rowdy and to look out for each other amid fears of a crush. He has recently come close to stopping 2 concerts for safety reasons due to pushing and kids were fainting. The latest was in Mexico on Friday night; Niall stopped the concert after 15 kids fainted and he said that everyone needs to look out for each other or the show will be cancelled.

And he said, quite rightly, his music isn’t exactly rave music, so there should be no need for all the madness!


This year we had Conor McGregor’s sister Erin on Dancing With The Stars and next year we could have another McGregor on our screens. Tony McGregor, the dad, has said that he is up for it – he’d enjoy the months of training and says, bring it on.


Michaela McCollum is looking for a career as a reality TV star. She has opened her Instagram up to the public and has commented that she is making a living thus far by “being herself” and “brand ambassador” for products, and it’s going well. There were rumours of her going into Celebrity Big Brother before but that never materialised, however, she has said there is a book coming out later in the year and she’ll need to promote it. My favourite question she was asked on her Insta Q and A was “will you ever return to Peru” and she said no, she’s actually banned from entering Peru ever again.