And other showbiz

Operation Transformation is going international! S4C has bought the rights to the series and they plan to do their own version of the show. VIP Productions make the Irish version and they are working closely with S4C so the new show will resemble the original. I wonder who the Welsh Katherine Thomas is? Here is the only bit of food-related Welsh I could find in limited time this morning:


Robbie Williams says he hates his “showbiz name” and wants people to start calling him Rob.

After joining Take That in the 1990s, he said the band’s manager made him change his name.

He was told that Robert Williams isn’t as showbiz as Robbie Williams and wasn’t given a choice...but now he wants to go by Rob.


Will.i.Am...or is it Will.i.SCAM?! Heh heh.

He has been caught out using a machine to sign autographed copies of his new book! The novel is called War:Wizards and he co-wrote it with Brian David Johnson. Some people in Waterstones in the UK were so upset they demanded a refund as it was not hand-signed.