We want YOU there for Dempsey's Big Bridal Broadcast

Early Breakfast's Paula MacSweeney is on holidays.

She told us all she was going to Spain for a few days of rest and relaxation but we got a bit of a shock yesterday when she sent us a picture of her and her fiancé Aidan standing under Brooklyn Bridge in New York smooching.

He was wearing a suit and she was wearing a white dress!

Yes, Paula MacSweeney is now officially Mrs Aidan Donnelly.

They eloped to New York to get married, told no one and just did it!

So Paula will be more than ready for Ian Dempsey's bumper Wedding Dress Wednesday broadcast on September 20!

Ian has even agreed to wear a wedding dress the morning of the show and there's even talk of a garter.

If you would like to join Ian on for his Bridal Breakfast in Dublin's City Centre, you can apply below now. There’s one condition; you will need to wear a wedding dress and get sponsored for doing so. (We’ll look after getting you signed up, all you have to do is apply below).

Don’t worry, if you are not actually married or your dress doesn’t quite fit anymore, beg, steal or borrow one!  

If you can't make Ian's Bridal Breakfast, you can organise your own Wedding Dress Wednesday on the day by signing up here!