A sad day for the parish.

Blake Harrison, who played Neil Sutherland in the hit TV series, has ruled out the return of the hilarity that is The Inbetweeners.

It was E4's highest rated series ever. 

The actor, 32, believes the sitcom's character's would be too old to excuse their sexually charged antics and silliness. I suppose four 30-year-olds hanging around a school would look a bit suss in fairness. 

Earlier this month, James Buckley (who played Jay), shared a picture of all the crew out for a meal and sneakily captioned it, "Inbetweeners series 4 pre-production meal", which understandably sent fans of the show into a tizzy. 

There's nothing in the pipeline, but it's like a wise man once said, "never say never".

We envisage a prequel, where we get to see the messers they were in national school, or maybe a sequel? Where viewers catch up with the lads as they meander their way through adulthood *drops to knees and prays furiously*


In other news...

RIP Morag

Actress Cornelia Frances has sadly passed away aged 77 after a short battle with cancer.

Cornelia is most famously known for playing Alf Stewart's sister Morag Bellingham in Home and Away

She played the role of the no-nonsense lawyer on-and-off over the last 29 years.

Ray Meagher, who played Frances' on screen brother Alf Stewart, said these lovely words,

"Cornelia was an incredibly loved and valued member of our cast over many, many years. We had a moment of silence for her on set this morning and she'll be sadly missed by both cast and crew".

I was a massive fan of Home and Away back in the day, so much so that I used to plan my afternoons around it (sad - I know). The beautiful scenery, intriguing/crazy storylines and the tanned, perfectly sculped bodies of all the cast (in my age bracket) - it was just like Co.Mayo really. 

What I didn't know is that Cornelia was Australia's answer to Anne Robinson, as she hosted The Weakest Link;

I never thought anyone could compete with Anne, looks like I was wrong. 

Mariah Carey gets rid of $13m baggage

Nope, she didn't lose her designer luggage whilst off on her holiers, nor did she build up tonnes of rubbish round the back of her mansion, the singer has finally sold off her ex-fiancé's engagement ring - after the guts of 2 years.

Mariah has 'quietly' ditched her $13.2m (€11m) sparkler by selling it to a Los Angeles jeweller for a mere $2.78m.

She split with Aussie billionaire James Parker just months after he popped the question back in 2016. 

As a move of positivity, she decided to get rid of all her emotional and material baggage. 

There's not too many who would have a $13m chunk of diamonds hangin' round the house I tell ya...

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