"It's the first programme that truly feels like it fits in with my life"

Entertainer Robbie Williams has been revealed as the new face (and body) of Weight Watchers (which has been rebranded to the name WW) after slimming down by using their weight loss programme.

Having battled yo-yo dieting for years, the X Factor judge has been selected as a global ambassador by WW chiefs.

He's in good company, with Oprah Winfrey and Kate Hudson also being chosen to represent the brand. 

The former boyband member, who was once described as "the fat dancer from Take That" by Noel Gallagher, has been looking very trim throughout this year's series of X Factor.

His wife, and fellow judge, Ayda, is obviously a good influence on him. And you know what they say - couples who train together stay together.

So unless he does Something Stupid over the Christmas holidays, where all his hard work could Come Undone, 2019 will see a sexy, lean Robbie Back For Good

It'll be torture for him belting out Candy though.

Fans can follow his 'wellness journey' on social media in the new year.