And other showbiz!

Sacha Baron Cohen is going to return to TV in a satirical show. 
The comedian, who's known for playing characters like Ali G and Borat, has been secretly filming 'Who is America?' for a year.
The seven-episode show will premiere on Channel 4 - with the first one airing on Monday night. 


Things are a-changin’ in Weatherfield, with the new landlord of the Rovers Return set to take it in a new direction and make it more trendy – and they intend to start by putting a neon sign up and replace the “s” in Rovers with a “z”. Innit. And more horrifyingly, Johnny Connor will be getting rid of Betty’s Hotpot for a gastropub menu!

Speaking of Corrie – Adam Weafer who many will know as David Hennessy from Red Rock, has landed a guest role where he plays a teacher but he is keeping the details of his character under wraps until he arrives on screen in the coming weeks.

And speaking of Red Rock – actor Sean Mahon who played Brian McGonigle is set to join the cast of EastEnders as Melanie Owen’s husband, Ray Kelly! And we’ve already met Ray’s sister Ciara who was played by Denise McCormack who was also in Red Rock!



Liam Gallagher has already upset his new neighbours. He has moved into a house in North London and he’s already had a rant on the street at his neighbours, and called them prats, apparently. The neighbour in question said he is aghast at being spoken to like that... and added that he doesn’t know much about Liam except that he can’t sing for toffee.