Ch-ch-chucklevision, ch-chucklevision...

The Chuckle Brothers are apparently getting a new show. 

The Sun claims Barry and Paul - now in their 70s - are lined up to host Chuckle Time on Saturdays, featuring sketches and funny internet clips. 

It'll be their first TV work since ChuckleVision ended in 2009. Now they just need to bring back Live and Kicking, CD/UK and SMTV and we'll have come full circle!



And in other news from around the world: 

Kanye West and Donald Trump have been showing some love for each other on Twitter. 

The rapper called the US president "my brother" - but added that he doesn't agree with all his policies - something his wife Kim apparently asked him to point out. 

Mr Trump's called him "very cool", and retweeted a picture of Kanye's Make America Great Again red hat. 


Casting Call!

Aspiring actors have the chance of finding fame on Game of Thrones after the show announced that they were looking to cast new roles.

They are looking for a “sassy and attractive girl” from the North as well as a “colourful young Northern actor” to play a sentry.

An actor with the potential to play a mercenary is also required, with filming scheduled to continue until December.