They're an absolute ball of energy!!

On this morning's show, we were delighted to have Wild Youth band members, David Whelan (vocals/guitar), Conor O'Donohoe (piano/vocals), Ed Porter (guitar/vocals) and Callum McAdam (drums) in to tell us all about them, and what they have in store.

The lads were absolutely buzzing (we don't know was it because they were on air with Iano or the THREE sugars a couple of them had in their coffees), but you could get a real sense of enthusiasm from them all.

Ian started feeling a little bit like Francis Brennan when he had to check on them, but then the four Dubs were settled in and ready for action. 

With two of the lads from the north of Dublin, and two from the south, this is evidence that northsiders and southsiders can live in perfect harmony. 

Conor told us a bit of what it's like to be best pals with Niall Horan, while David gave us the history of his amazing voice, "it came from my dad, he's a singer as well". They also told us a great story about how a regular down in one of their locals was the inspiration for the band's name.

The boys played their new track 'Lose Control' live in studio for us, and after trying to rob our house piano, performed an amazing version of their own unique The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show jingle. There was a hint of pressure on them, and after a little mix-up about what time the show started at, they smashed it, off the cuff, "it should be a twelve hour show". 

They're working on new material, with a mountain of work being done in studio, so you can expect more magic from the lads early in the new year - and we cannot wait. 

We're loving their sound, and just the four of them in general. 2018 is gonna be a massive year...

Have a listen to the session in full here:

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