Ireland's Got Talent!

Simon Cowell is flying in for the finals of Ireland’s Got Talent. Well, we assume he’s flying in... Lucy Kennedy says he tends to just appear in a puff of smoke out of nowhere so who knows what his travel arrangements are. Anyway – he’ll be watching the live show, so no pressure! Lucy today told the Irish Daily Star that she’s not nervous about live TV – she’s done in for a few years so no nerves there, but Simon Cowell appearing could rattle her a bit. No bother to you, Lucy!


Gary Oldman belted out Bowie classics to lower his vocal cords in order to play Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour. Which clearly worked, as he picked up the Oscar on Sunday for the role.


Work on a £1m (€1.1m) Game of Thrones set in Belfast, including a custom-built castle, has almost been completed.

It will be used for scenes in the upcoming series of the show, which is also filmed in locations including Malta and Croatia.

The castle will be maintained after filming ends, with on-set sources saying bosses intend on using it as a tourist attraction and for movie projects. However, we won’t see the final series until next year.