Keep up to date with the Kirchberg crew...

Are you ready for our latest update from the slopes? You’d better be because here it comes!

We had a great day yesterday – we caught up with lots of listeners, who are having a ball on the trip, including Mark from Cork who had a shocking confession to make.

When Mark was 6, he entered an Under 10s colouring competition on Dempsey’s Den and won. However, after years of harbouring a dark secret, he felt it was time to come clean to Ian. His older sister, who was 14 at the time, was actually the one who coloured the picture. The family won a trip to Westport and to make matters worse, they didn’t even go to Westport! Disgraceful carry on.

We also met Nikki Wan from Dublin, who has an interesting nickname – The Wan and Only. According to Nikki's friend, it has to be sang like the Chesney Hawkes song. So, we did!

Legendary Galway hurler Ollie Canning came up to Ian’s Alpine Studio for a chat and gave out some hints to those taking part in the Poc Fada competition that afternoon.

It was hosted by our Tipperary native Paul Collins and hundreds of eager ski trippers queued up for their chance to have a shot. However, it was Patrick Kelly from Galway and Niamh Richardson from Limerick who walked away with the accolade. Congratulations lads and lassies!

After the Poc Fada, the Today FM team assembled and headed out for a walk in the snow to go for an oul steak. We had the most gorgeous dinner with a few glasses of vino and may have disturbed the locals slightly with all our messing and laughing but Paul Collins turned on that Tipp charm and they soon forgave us. We all retired to bed early and got some solid sleeping done. Happy days. We are yet to get a nice picture of the whole gang together - Iano took this picture!

This morning, the lads from Picture This came down for a chat ahead of their gig later and it got us all excited for the show tonight. They’ll be taking to the stage in Arena 365 at 8pm and Iano will be back on the air from 7am in the morning, with the full lowdown. I am so excited for it!


PS: There's a cat that lives next door to the studio and it doesn't seem to like us very much. Check out the unimpressed face..