And other showbiz

The next time you see someone famous post online about how much they LOVE a tea that has helped them lose weight, or a lipstick that they just can’t live without, remember: it’s an advert!

The Irish Daily Star today has published how much some stars are paid for an Instagram post, so brace yourselves... particularly if you're reading this on a squished commute to or from work.

Deep breath.

Conor McGregor commands 110K for an Instagram post, Kendall Jenner can demand almost half a million euro for saying she likes something. And The Rock gets more than 500K - 550K to be exact.


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More. Than. Half. A. Million. Euro.

That’s nothing to Beyonce or Ronaldo though; they command 600 and 640K respectively apiece.

In other showbiz news from this morning, Demi Lovato is in a stable condition in hospital in Los Angeles following a suspected drug overdose. 

She was taken to a Los Angeles hospital after being found unconscious at her home yesterday, according to various media sources.

Demi has openly discussed her battles with addiction, depression and eating disorders, and released her new song Sober last month. After six years of sobriety, the song’s lyrical content raised concerns about her health.

And Ant McPartlin is pleading with his estranged wife Lisa Armstrong to sign divorce papers. He’s offering her massive money and property but it’s not about that for her; she does not want to divorce her husband, the man she has been with for more than 20 years.

Just yesterday, she “liked” a tweet about not giving up on marriage, despite her estranged husband being photographed with his new girlfriend in the papers.